Sách của Trump: The America We Deserve-Dec 2016

The America We Deserve, by Donald Trump

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BOOK REVIEW by OnTheIssues.org:

Donald Trump once ran for President. People forget that in 1999-2000, Trump was actively running for the presidency via the Reform Party nomination (he lost the nomination to Pat Buchanan, who then lost in the general election to George W. Bush). In 2012, when the pundits speculate about whether Trump will enter or re-enter the presidential fray (this time as a Republican), THEY remember that he ran seriously once before, even if the public has forgotten.

This book was Trump’s answer to his critics in 1999-2000 that he was not a serious candidate — that he was just running as a "publicity hound" for self-promotion. It was released in hardcover in January 2000, early in the presidential race. It’s a serious policy book; the sort of book we wish every candidate had to write. He lays out his issue stances on every important issue, and establishes himself as a moderate populist. (In the context of the Reform Party nomination, Pat Buchanan was an immoderate populist).

Trump has changed his views somewhat since 2000. And accordingly, he has a new book out for the 2012 race, Time to Get Tough. In 2012, he has become more conservative (for example, changing his tax views from "tax the wealthy" in this book, to "reduce taxes" in his 2011 book). We re-reviewed his 2000 book in preparation for the 2012 race — indeed, Trump has become more conservative on several issues, which is consistent with his planning to run as a Republican in 2012.

Is Trump running in 2012? People forget too that Trump WAS running already, in 2011, as a Republican. He focused his unofficial candidacy on Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and exited the race when Obama produced it. Trump’s GOP candidacy lasted from April 2011 until May 2011.

Now it’s 2012, and Trump once again rattles his saber of a candidacy. It’s too late to run as a Republican, so Trump may run as an Independent. If he runs, this older book — as well as his newer book — would immediately become a must-read for all political aficionados. Until then, this older book serves as a means to compare Trump’s older stances with his current ones.

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