Hillary ca tụng Trump-2013 Trích từ Wikileaks-Oct 2016


In a speech made public by Wikileaks – which released an email from Hillary for America Research Director Tony Caark containing three attached speeches given at a private Goldman Sachs events – Clinton spoke and took audience questions at the “Builders and Innovators Summit” hosted by Goldman Sachs on October 29, 2013.

Before running against billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump for the presidency, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience at a private, paid speech she wanted to see more successful businessmen and women run for office because they can’t be bought.

Asked to elaborate on her statement, the former Secretary of State argued that she thinks that businessmen “can’t be bought” and that they’re “very honest.” “And I think that goes especially for Donald Trump, whose successful projects and business ventures have made him synonymous with big business and, more importantly, creating thousands of jobs. I also think he understands the philanthropic and charitable side of things quite well, which is a crucial skill for any politician,” she praised her current counter-candidate.

“I think he has a lot to offer to this country and its people, especially when we’re talking about the economy,” she continued. “Donald Trump has single-handedly helped stop the recession, more so than dozens of other so-called billionaires. And I don’t know how the experts on the matter feel, but in my book that’s hard evidence of the man’s business prowess and integrity, as well. And I think everyone would agree those are commendable character traits for anyone looking to tackle the most difficult problems and challenges in the world, quite literally.”

“So, yes – Donald Trump is someone I could very easily see winning the support of the people. And I don’t think he would do that with his flammable rhetoric and negotiation skills – which are both things he’s known for – but with common sense and respect for his fellow countrymen. But, most of all – I think his relationship with the opposite sex would bring him the most political points. I think he respects women and treats them as equals and I also think that would bring him a significant lead over anyone unlucky enough to be running against him,” she ominously concluded in her 2013 speech.

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